About Me


Having graduated with a degree in Psychology, HR seemed like the best route, and so for my first job I started with a stint in recruiting.

I soon got bitten by the startup bug, and joined a startup to help them with marketing initiatives, including digital marketing.

In my time there, I discovered how to make webpages and websites, so I then transitioned to front end development with them.

Feeling like I needed to know more about programming, I quit to do a 3 month full time bootcamp with NEXT Academy.

The following year, I moved to Singapore to pursue a career in tech, and have primarily been working in front-end / web development.

What I've Worked With

HTML, CSS, JS, currently learning React.
Familiar with PHP on Laravel and Ruby on Rails.
Other tools in my devbox: Git, MySQL, Sketch, Figma.


Current: Techladies, Community Management

JSConf.asia (2019)